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    China Lucky Obtained National First Light Industry Key Laboratory Accreditation
    Date:2017-02-16 Source:
        China National Light Industry Council issued the announcement《On Accreditation of First Batch of China Light Industry Key Laboratories 》(CLIU[2016]211), in which the first batch of accredited China Light Industry Key Laboratories were announced, and “Key Laboratory of China Light Industry Highly-Functional PET Film Material” held by Hefei Lucky Science & Technology Industry Co. Ltd.(mentioned as Hefei Lucky below), a subsidiary of China Lucky, was accredited.
        China Light Industry Key Laboratory is an important component of China Light Industry technology innovation system, an essential platform for high-level scientific research, high-quality talents gathering and cultivation, and high-level academic exchange and commercialization of research findings, it is a significant support for light industry innovation system. 87 laboratories from colleges, research institutions and enterprises nation-wide were accredited this time.
        As an important manufacturing center for highly-functional film in China, the nomination of Hefei Lucky was a reflection of series of scientific achievements and innovations in the past decade, a demonstration of its R&D capacity on highly-functional film, and also indicated that its construction on scientific and technology innovations came to a new stage.
        As the first highly-functional film research institute in China, Hefei Laboratory was founded in 2006, established an experienced R&D team with leading technology, consisting of well-known experts, PHDs, Masters. In the past decade, they successfully developed key products including FG, PG optical PET film, CDX-series diffusion film, CP-series lamination film, which fill in the blank in domestic optical PET film and functional film area. In which the FG, PG optical film and diffusion film were identified successively as National Key New Products by Ministry of Science and Technology. PG32B type optical film was the first domestic independently developed optical film that can be used on BEF for LCD, with full intellectual property rights.
        Up to now, Hefei Lucky have applied for more than 130 patents including 90 invention patents, and have set up and implemented 14 national standards and many industrial standards, it has been identified as Highly-Functional Film Engineering Technical Research Center of Anhui Province and Post-doctoral Research Workstation, and obtained the title of Light Industry Innovation Advanced Group in The 12th Five-Year.
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